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Portrait by Ed Ko

About Carissa Susilo

Born in Indonesia, Chinese Canadian illustrator Carissa Susilo has always been passionate about reimaging worlds through art. Having spent her formative years in both Southeast Asia and North America, her appreciation of the various cultures has motivated her to create fantastical images from tales around the world. This mingling of worlds also reflects in her technique where she combines graphical elements with realism in a variety of traditional and digital mediums.

Recipient of the Gold Award from Illustration West, Carissa has worked on both games and book illustrations. Her other notable publication includes Society of Illustrators, Beautiful Bizarre and ImagineFX.

She lives in Richmond, British Columbia with her husband, son and furry pal.

Awards and Recognitions:
Society of Illustrators 63, 64, 65

Illustration West (SILA) 59 Gold Award & Honorable Mention, 60, 61 Bronze Award

Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2021 Finalist
American Illustration 39 (Chosen)
Creative Quarterly 62 (Runner-up)


Feiwel & Friends
Wizard of the Coast

The Arcane Society


Every Day Original

WOW X WOW 'Micro Visions 5'

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